Primary Ballet Division

This division lays the foundation of classical ballet.   Ballet teaches grace, coordination, strength, flexibility, musicality, balance, and is the backbone of all dance forms.  It has been around for hundreds of years and because of this, the art form demands respect and discipline.  Dance has also been proven to help students in school and other physical activities.

Most classes are taught by co-directors Bobbie and Alison Jaramillo

Ballet 1
Beginning at age 6 (first grade). Basic ballet technique class.

Leotard color: light blue NO skirts

Tuition $72/month or $115/month for unlimited ballet and one tap class per week.

Ballet 2
Beginning class. Two classes a week required.

Leotard color: navy blue NO skirts

Tuition $120 for unlimited ballet classes.

Add an additional open class (Tap, Pre-Jazz, Boyz Dance) for $20 per month.

Ballet 3

Beginning-Intermediate class. THREE classes per week required for all dancers.

Leotard color: lavender NO skirts

Tuition $150/month for unlimited ballet, stretch, and one additional open class (Tap, Jazz, Modern, Boyz Dance, Musical Theatre)

Add an additional open class (Tap, Jazz, Modern, Boyz Dance, Musical Theatre) for $20 per month.

Dress Code

All girls in Primary Division
Plain light pink convertible dance tights
Pink ballet shoes with elastic strap (split sole shoes preferred for Ballet 2 and higher)

Hair for ballet should be worn back in a classical bun on the back of the head with a hair net or bun cover and secured with bobby pins.   Students with short hair should use a headband to keep hair off the face.

All boys in Primary Division

White t-shirt

Black ballet tights 

Dance belt (if needed)

Black ballet shoes with elastic strap

Enroll today!  Call us at (303) 794-6694

Ballet 1 Littleton Ballet Academy