2021-2022 Academic Year Registration is now open!

Come join us for the 2021-2022 Academic Year! We are so pleased to be back in person and have a variety of classes to offer. The Pre-Ballet Division emphasizes coordination, musicality, basic skills, classroom etiquette, and a love for dance while teaching early ballet and tap steps. This program is based on the Royal Academy of Dancing, CPYB, and Leap N Learn syllabi. In the Pre-Ballet Division, the Dance with Me class is offered for young dancers ages 18 months to 3.5 years with a caretaker. We have added a Saturday class for busy parents. Dancers who are age 3, ready to separate from the parent, and are fully potty trained can join the Pre-Ballet 1 class. The Pre-Ballet 2 class is for dancers ages 4.5 and up, and the Pre-Ballet 3 class is for dancers going into kindergarten or first graders with no experience. We are finding that our dancers who start in our pre-ballet classes and attend summer classes progress faster.

The Primary Division lays the foundation of classical ballet. Ballet teaches grace, coordination, strength, flexibility, musicality, balance, and is the backbone of all dance forms. It has been around for hundreds of years and because of this, the art form demands respect and discipline. Dance has also been proven to help students in school and other physical activities. Ballet 1 classes offer students going into first grade the opportunity to be part of a beginning level ballet class. This class is followed by Ballet 2 (which meets twice a week), and then Ballet 3 (three times a week).

The Intermediate Division continues to develop the foundation of classical ballet, progressing through more advanced barre and center work and adding pointe work when age-appropriate and dancers are physically strong enough. Levels Ballet 4B, 4A, and 5 are part of the Intermediate Division.

The Pre-Professional Ballet Division is designed to give aspiring students the highest quality training focusing on clean technique, pointe work, and developing artistry. The class emphasizes classical epaulement, artistry, fluidity, and strength in adagio, and precision in both turns and allegro steps. Ballet 6, 7, and 8 are part of this division.

New this year is the Professional Training Division. For dancers who are aiming at a professional dance career, LBA will be offering this is a half-day program from 1:00 to 4:15 pm program for dancers ages 10 and up. Evening classes are also offered as part of the Pre-Professional Ballet Division. Curriculum includes ballet, pointe, variations, Pilates Reformer, workshop classes, and more. An audition is required.

Littleton Ballet Academy also offers classes in Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pas de Deux, and Conditioning (we will be adding Progressive Ballet Technique in the fall) in addition to pointe and variations for dancers. Dancers ages 9 and up and who are 4' 8" and taller are also eligible to participate in 4-person Pilates Reformer classes. Eligible dancers can also opt into for coaching for ballet competitions.

This season brings back the return of performances in theatres! Students have the opportunity to audition for Littleton Youth Ballet beginning at Ballet 3 giving them more performance opportunities. Hansel and Gretel will return in September of 2021 and The Nutcracker will come back in December of 2021! Final dates still to be announced. This Spring of 2022 we will be presenting Cinderella, followed by the Littleton Youth Ballet Concert and the School Performance.

Our studio atmosphere is friendly and hard working. We believe that all students can benefit greatly from dance training and we encourage all of our students to work at their highest potential. From the very beginning, our highly trained teachers are involved in student development. In many schools, less experienced teachers handle the Primary (Ballet 1-3) and Intermediate (Ballet 4, 5) levels of ballet. At LBA, we realize that how a student starts his or her training is everything! We watch carefully to make sure that students are developing pure classical technique, from the very beginning.

We train anyone that is willing to learn. Most pre-professional ballet schools have auditions to find the right sort of body or would not consider training some dancers who don't fit the right mold. The passion for ballet does not always come in the perfect body. It is so exciting to see the kid who is not the most naturally talented, the kid that was a late starter, or the child who was really clumsy become an amazing dancer.

We may not know you right away but if you are coming to classes, performances, and events, we will get to know you. And then you are family. We have literally watched so many of our kids grow up from crazy (or even sometimes naughty) 3-year-olds into beautiful young women and men. When the kids leave us for college, professional ballet schools, or companies, we keep in touch with our "children" and we often miss their parents as well! And they come back during breaks to visit.

We would love to have you or your child in classes soon! Thanks!

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