Update on Ms. Bobbie

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

So, it sounds like many of our dance family has heard that Ms. Bobbie slipped on some water (dog bowl) and fell this morning. She was taken to the hospital and it turns out she broke the top of her right humerus and her pelvis (the left side from my understanding). Adrianne and I went to see her but due to COVID-19, only one person got to see her, and we decided that should be Adrianne. But I did FaceTime her and kept in touch all day. She was in good spirits despite the pain she must be in. She was taken to a rehabilitation center in Thornton that apparently is very good so she will be on the mend this summer.

I’m not even quite sure when Adrianne and I will get to see her. So definitely no visits for the time being. However, I know she will want to hear from everyone. You are welcome to text her at (303) 332-8456 (although she doesn’t have her reading glasses yet). Or you can text me at (303) 915-8058 and I can forward messages to her. You can mail cards to the studio 1169 W. Littleton Blvd Littleton, CO 80120 and we will deliver them to her. Or you can always send messages through Facebook (Ali’s Facebook, Bobbie’s or the LBA page)

I’ll post an update every few days on the website blog if you’d like to log into that.


If you know Ms. Bobbie at all you know that her greatest passions are her students at Littleton Ballet Academy, her family, and the piano. Please say a prayer and send happy thoughts and positive vibes her way as much as you can. She will be counting down the days to get back to teaching as soon as she can!

Thanks. Love you all! And I’m sorry I missed everyone at the filming today but I heard you were all fantastic!!


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