Starquest Results 2019

Congratulations to dancers who competed at Starquest. Everyone did a fabulous job and we are so proud of you!

Here are the results:



Ballet 9-11 :

Natalie Chapman - Platinum, 2nd Ballet category, 5th Overall

Pointe 9-11 :

Estelle Guymon - Platinum 1st Pointe category, 1st Overall

Sophie Oldroyd - Platinum, 3rd Pointe category, 8th Overall

Olivia Key- Platinum, 2nd Pointe category, 2nd Overall


Ballet 12-14 :

Ethan Hutchison - Platinum, 1st Ballet category, 7th Overall

Pointe 12-14 :

Jessica Phillips - Platinum, 1st Pointe category, 1st Overall

Rebecca Dingwell - Platinum 3rd Pointe category, 9th Overall

Laura Ervin - Platinum, 13th Overall

Zoe Chesy - Platinum, 15th Overall

Jacqueline DelCiotto-High Gold, 20th Overall

Aubrie Leen - High Gold, costume AD

Raven Michael- High Gold

Abby Cetaruk - High Gold

Megan Farrington - High Gold, costume AD


Ballet 15-16 :

Gilbert Armstrong-High Gold

Pointe 15-16 :

Alana Linley - Platinum, 1st Pointe category, 2nd Overall

Francesca Emig - High Gold, 2nd Pointe category, Costume AD

Ashley Hutchison - High Gold, 3rd Pointe category



Pointe 12-14 :

Danielle Belohlavy - Platinum Plus, 1st Pointe category, 2nd Overall

Lauren Woodward - Platinum Plus, 3rd Pointe category, 7th Overall

Lydia Foley - Platinum Plus 10th Overall

Audrey Gomes - Platinum Plus, 11th Overall

Maggie Pontiff - Platinum, 18th Overall

Small Group Ballet 12-14 :

On the Wings of Angels - Platinum Plus, 1st Overall, "Complete Control" Special Award

Line Pointe 12-14 :

Tout Suite - Platinum Plus, 1st Overall, Teen/Senior Apogee Award


Pointe 15-16 :

Lauren Vogel -Platinum Plus, 1st Pointe category, 6th Overall

Mia Iwasa - Platinum, 3rd Pointe category, 19th Overall

Skyler Kennedy - Platinum, 20th Overall

Brooke Silli- Platinum

Lily Avery- Platinum

Large Group Ballet 15-16 :

No Surrender - Platinum Plus, 5th Overall

Duet/Trio Pointe 15-16 :

Sugar Plum Pas - Platinum Plus, 2nd Overall, costume AD, "Professional & Effortless" Special Award