Denver Ballet Guild Young Dancer's Competition 2018

Congratulations to the following dancers who received scholarships at the Denver Ballet Guild Young Dancer’s Competition

Lauren Vogel, 1st place $1500 scholarship (Category 3 girls ages 14-15)

Tate Ryner, 1st place $1500 scholarship (Category 5 boys ages 14-15)

Lydia Foley, 2nd place $550 scholarship (Category 2 ages 12-13)

Brooke Janney tied for 4th place $350 scholarship (Category 2 ages 12-13)

Gilbert Armstrong, 4th place $500 (Category 5 boys ages 14-15)

Madeline Ryner, 6th-10th place $300 (Category 4 girls ages 16-18)

Lauren Woodward, 6th-10th place $200 scholarship (Category 2 ages 12-13)

We are very proud of you as well as all of our dancers who took part in the competition!