Congratulations to 18 of our wonderful students who participated in the YAGP Denver semi-finals last weekend! Everyone danced so well! Special congrats go to Lydia Foley who placed top 12 in Junior Classical and was invited to the NY Finals, Lauren Vogel who placed top 12 in Senior Classical, Danielle Belohlavy who placed top 12 in Junior Classical, and Lauren Woodward, Brooke Janney, and Luisa Araujo who all placed top 24 in Junior Classical. Emma Rutter placed top 12 Senior Contemporary but then it was discovered that a mistake had been made, two scores were flipped, and she did not place after all. However, in true Emma fashion, she was a tremendous sport about it. Scores were overall really great! Congrats to the Bluebird Pas de Deux (Lydia and Tate Ryner), Lauren Woodward, Audrey Gomes, and Lydia Foley for all getting a 95 from at least one judge, and congrats to Continuo, Lydia, Lauren W, Tate, and Luisa for all getting a 94 from at least one judge. Well done!!!!!!

Probably the high point of the weekend was receiving an email from a teacher in South Dakota.

"Dear Bobbie and Alison ~ Just wanted to share with you what lovely ambassadors your dancers were last night at our first YAGP. I brought my own little lovely from our South Dakota studios for our first event in the Pre-competitive division. We opened the dressing room door #1 with another studio, and were met rudely, so we decided to go to "door #2", where we had the fabulous opportunity to meet several of your most delightful and beautiful young ambassadors for the Junior division. I will reach out by phone when we return home, but I just wanted to share that they made all of the difference to turning around our experience with others at YAGP! Their warm and friendly encouragement reflects our own studio culture and we are grateful to have met your beauties! Your work speaks for itself at every level! Brava! ~ Julie A. McFarland, Academy of Dance Arts, Rapid City, SD with B. Hannah Riley :)

While awards are wonderful, we think that this is even more important! Thanks and again, we are SO proud of you dancers!

Here are some photos taken by Denver Post photographer AARON ONTIVEROZ.

Skyler Kennedy

Audrey Gomes, Lauren Woodward, Lydia Foley

Brooke Janney