Congratulations to our dancers!

Some of our dancers in our upper divisions have been taking part in auditions for summer intensives. The auditions are a good experience for our dancers because they get the opportunity to take a master class with a teacher from a different professional ballet school and they get to work on their auditioning skills. Auditions are still going but so far congratulations to the following dancers:

Accepted to Houston Ballet Academy

Lydia Foley (full scholarship and housing stipend)

Lauren Woodward (half scholarship)

Tate Ryner (half scholarship)

Madeline Ryner

Audrey Gomes

Danielle Belohlavy

Accepted to School of American Ballet

Lydia Foley (half scholarship)

Lauren Woodward

Danielle Belohlavy

Madeline Ryner

Alyssa Palazzo (wait list)

Tate Ryner (wait list)

Accepted to Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Tate Ryner (full scholarship)

Lydia Foley

Danielle Belohlavy

Accepted to Kansas City Ballet School

Gilbert Armstrong (full scholarship)

Jenna Armstrong (partial scholarship)

Lauren Vogel (partial scholarship)

Lauren Woodward

Emma Rutter

Anna Brandner

Accepted to Boston Ballet School

Alyssa Palazzo

Emma Rutter

Anna Brandner

Tate Ryner

Danielle Belohlavy

Accepted to Ballet Austin

Lauren Vogel

Rebecca Crompton

Anna Brandner

Accepted to Ballet West

Hailey Sloan

Kelly Ryan

Accepted to Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive

Danielle Belohlavy (full scholarship)

Accepted to The Jillana School

Danielle Belohlavy (scholarship)

Maggie Pontiff (scholarship)

Audrey Gomes (scholarship)

Lillian Avery

Rebecca Crompton

Mia Iwasa

Brooke Janney

Marlowe Keena

Brooke Silli

Accepted to Butler University Summer Dance Program

Anna Brandner


Rebecca Crompton (wait list)

Carolina Ballet

Kelly Ryan (wait list)


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